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National Public Health Laboratory, Tel Aviv

General Information

  • Project title: Isolation of antimicrobial compounds from novel predatory gram negative bacteria.
  • Type: Project looking for partners
  • Country: Israel (IL)

Research area

  • Short description of research interests:

    Dear colleagues, In a joint project by the Ministry of Health and the Sheba Medical Center, we are conducting a study for development of novel antimicrobial drugs. Our study has two main branches: 1) We discovered novel gram negative bacteria that are able to perform predataxis and kill various pathogens. Moreover, our isolates also secrete soluble antimicrobial compounds. We separated several fractions which effectively inhibit key pathogens like Acinetobacter baumannii and MRSA from these supernatants. 2) Another research topic is the use of novel siderophores against pathogenic bacteria. We are looking for: For the first subject a collaboration with a research group which has an expertise in fractionation methods, isolation, characterization and structure determination of organic molecules. For the second subject we are looking for collaborators that are able to decipher the mode of action of novel antibiotics, and a group that has the ability to perform organic synthesis.

  • Keywords:

    Metabolites; antimicrobial resistance; siderophore; fractionation; mechanism of action

Contact details

Submitted on 2018-02-08 15:35:46

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