ERA-NET Smart Urban Futures

ERA-NET Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF), established by JPI Urban Europe, is an initiative of 25 organisations from 18 European countries, whose aim is to finance international, interdisciplinary research projects that respond to the challenges of modern cities and urban areas.

The network supports research involving researchers, as well as innovators, practitioners, representatives of civil society, NGOs, municipalities, urban utilities and other stakeholders.

NCN joined ENSUF in 2015 and took part in organisation of ERA-NET SMART URBAN FUTURES call for international research projects, co-funded by EU Horizon 2020.

Call for proposals

ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures (ongoing evaluation)

We would like to invite researchers to submit proposals under ERA-NET Smart Urban Futures call for proposals. The call targets research in the following topics:

  • Concepts and strategies for smart urban transformation, growth and shrinkage;
  • New dynamics of public services;
  • Inclusive, vibrant and accessible urban communities.

Funding is available for international research projects that involve at least three researchers from three different eligible countries.

Funding: 23,5 M EUR, including support from Horizon 2020

Participating countries:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Partner search forms facilitate the composition of consortia. The forms are used to look for a project partner or a project to join. Click here for the ENSUF partner search page. The ERA-NET Smart Urban Futures LinkedIn group is an effective and dynamic channel to find partners for submitting proposals.

Call documentation:

  1. ENSUF Call Text
  2. ENSUF Application form
  3. ENSUF NCN Eligibility requirements
  4. ENSUF call infoflyer

Detailed information

The timetable for applications is:

  • Outline Proposals to be submitted 15th March 2016, 12:00 Central European Time
  • Shortlisted applicants to submit Full Proposals 20th September 2016.

Polish applicants should also submit a short application via OSF system (UNISONO application) by 20th September 2016.

Budget of the Polish part of the research project in the OSF system should be given in PLN. The Euro exchange rate should be calculated according to the NCN Council’s Resolutions no  45/2015 (1 EUR= 4,0198 PLN).


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dr Kinga Sekerdej, +48 12 341 9172