Oferty pracy w projektach finansowanych przez NCN

Narodowe Centrum Nauki prezentuje bazę ogłoszeń o wolnych stanowiskach pracy przy projektach finansowanych przez Centrum. Narodowe Centrum Nauki nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za treść i wiarygodność przesyłanych ofert pracy.

Uprzejmie informujemy o nowych warunkach zatrudniania osób na stanowiska typu post-doc: limit czasu upływającego od uzyskania stopnia doktora dla aplikujących na te stanowiska kobiet może być przedłużony o 1,5 roku za każde urodzone bądź przysposobione dziecko.

Oferta pracy

Nazwa jednostki: Department of Logic and Cognitive Science, Adam Mickiewicz UniversityPoznań, Inne oferty z tego miasta »
Nazwa stanowiska: Post-Doc position

We offer a Post-doc position in a project funded by NCN: "Distributive Deductive Systems for Classical and Non-classical Logics. Proof theory supported with computational methods".

The qualifications required:
- PhD degree in cognitive science, mathematics or computer science obtained no longer than 7 years prior to the employment day (however, the period can be longer if you are a mother);
- advanced programming skills in any general-purpose programming language;
- intermediate programming skills in any functional programming language;
- intermediate programming skills in numerical computing and data analysis;
- intermediate knowledge of proof theory and some non-classical (e.g. modal) logics - this should be sufficient to co-operate with the leader of the
project in proof-theoretical research, favorably on the method of synthetic tableaux.

Opis zadań:

Tasks in the project:
- participation in the implementation of the module-layers of DDSs in a functional programming language;
- coordination of the implementation of the meta-layers of DDSs in a general-purpose programming language;
- participation in the data analysis obtained via additional tools in a scientific scripting programming language;
- cooperation in the research on the synthetic tableaux method.

Typ konkursu NCN: SONATA BIS – HS
Termin składania ofert: 14 czerwca 2018, 23:59
Forma składania ofert: email
Warunki zatrudnienia:

We offer a Post-Doc position (full-time employment) with gross salary in the amount of 6500 PLN (which is over 4600 net pay). The position is initially for a period of 6 months, with a possibility of extension to 3 years (in total). Expected day of employment is: 15.06.2018 (preferably).

Dodatkowe informacje:

How to apply:

Please send your:
- Curriculum vitae (please include in your CV the following annotation: "I hereby agree for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29.08.1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2016, item 922 as amended.")
- list of publications, participation in conferences, previous research experience
- short motivation letter explaining why You wish to join our team
to Dorota Leszczyńska-Jasion, e-mail: Dorota.Leszczynska@amu.edu.pl
until 14.06.2018 23:59:59

Data dodania ogłoszenia: 2018-05-14 11:24:47

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