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This is a match-making section for CHANSE Transformations: Social and cultural dynamics in the digital age.

General Information

  • Type: Partner looking for project
  • Organisation: Nordregio
  • Country: Sweden (SE)

Research area

  • Call topics:
  • Keywords:

    geography; place; urban; rural; labour market

  • Brief description of your expertise / expertise you are looking for:

    Nordregio is a leading Nordic and European research centre for regional development and planning, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. We conduct solution-oriented and applied research, addressing current issues from both a research perspective and the viewpoint of policymakers and practitioners. Our core competencies include quantitative spatial analysis (GIS, indicator development, statistics), international comparative analysis (case studies at various geographical scales, policy analysis), and stakeholder engagement (interviews, workshops, cocreation activities). Our team includes qualitative and quantitative experts with specialised knowledge covering all five Nordic countries. Recent work relevant to this call has focused on digitalisation in the context of spatial justice, local and regional governance, labour market automation, transitional labour markets, eHealth and tracking migration flows using big data.

  • Brief description of your project / the project you would like to join:

    Nordregio is looking to join a project with a geographical focus or a project where we could add value by contributing with a geographical lens. A geographically focused project may include anything with an urban or regional development focus or exploring the relationship between digitalisation and place. An example of how we could add value by contributing with a spatial lens could include, for example, a regional perspective on labour market transformation, exploring how a particular phenomenon plays out in different geographical contexts, or a spatially based perspective on digital divides.

  • Contact details

    Linda Randall

    Submitted on 2021-03-08 09:58:15

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