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This is a match-making section for CHANSE Transformations: Social and cultural dynamics in the digital age.

General Information

  • Type: Partner looking for project
  • Organisation: Digital healthcare ethics laboratory (Digit-HeaL), Catholic University of Croatia
  • Country: Croatia (HR)

Research area

  • Call topics:
    • Cultural Transformations in the Digital Age
    • Digitalisation and Social Transformation
  • Keywords:

    AI Healthcare Ethics STS Digital Health

  • Brief description of your expertise / expertise you are looking for:

    We are an interdisciplinary research group engaged in the analysis of the ethical, social and legal aspects of digital technologies (i.e. Big data, Artificial intelligence) use in healthcare. We are trying to provide a constructive ethical reflection and social analysis with its primary aim to contribute to the responsible innovation, development and implementation of digital technologies in healthcare.

  • Brief description of your project / the project you would like to join:

    In this call, we are interested in research on 1) social impact of digital technologies in healthcare, 2) values shift and transformation in AI-augmented healthcare, 3) ethical, legal and social issues of AI, Big data in different fields of healthcare.

Contact details

Anto Čartolovni

Submitted on 2021-01-19 09:31:45

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