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General Information

  • Type: Partner looking for project
  • Organisation: University of Primorska (Institute for Intercultural Studies; Faculty of Humanities)
  • Country: Slovenia (SI)

Research area

  • Call topics:
    • Cultural Transformations in the Digital Age
    • Digitalisation and Social Transformation
  • Keywords:

    identity; inequality; digital stratification; algorithmisation; falsification

  • Brief description of your expertise / expertise you are looking for:

    The Institute for Intercultural Studies (IIS) of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Primorska (UP FH) was established in 2008 as a research group of the faculty. Its research fields coincide with (most of) the fields of study programs in humanities and social sciences at UP FH. Therefore, IIS is a multidisciplinary research institute in which research and projects in the fields of history, geography, anthropology and ethnology, linguistics, literary sciences and the media and communication studies are carried out. IIS has been a leading partner and partner organization and has been involved in several national and international projects. Research results are published in domestic and foreign journals and monographs. At the IIS we strive for the development of research activities at UP FHŠ and to this end we support the strengthening of basic research work as well as applied research in the belief that the transfer of knowledge into practice in the present time is of key importance for humanities. IIS activities also include research and applicative project work related to education. The goal of the IIS is to provide a research friendly and stimulating environment and to provide favourable conditions for research work to young researchers at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels. At the institute, we particularly nurture the transfer of research results into the study process and the involvement of higher education staff and students in research work. We are an established team of researchers working across the interdisciplinary areas of communication and media studies, linguistics, history, geography, anthropology, archaeology and other disciplines among social sciences and humanities.

  • Brief description of your project / the project you would like to join:

    We are interested in broader impacts and consequences of digitalisation and algorithmisation at the level of particular social organisations, communities, minorities, language communities. The multidisciplinary composition of research group is especially interested in examining specific stratification at the level of concrete consumption practices of online culture, where the educational and broader cultural aspect of the knowledge of various vulnerable groups with specific knowledge, motivations, competencies at the level of the use of media technologies can be examined and reflected in order to understand better what kind of transformation we are facing in the period of intense digitalisation and algorithmisation. Topics: - digitalisation, social inequalities, digital stratifications and personal diversification of Internet use - digitalisation and vulnerable minorities (Roma, disadvantage ethnic groups, migrants and refugees) - digitalisation and falsification (the rise of fakeness in the digital age: fake accounts, data, audiences, publics) - evolution of contemporary values in literature in the digital age (transformations of human identity in dramatic texts and theatre) - historical comparison between current and past developments in the field of technological change on the populations - technological innovations and the transformation of labour - digitalization and new social and gender divisions - the role of national ideologies in the postnational digital age - identities and ethnicities in border and cross-border literary systems

Contact details

Tadej Praprotnik

Submitted on 2021-03-25 16:18:01

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