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General Information

  • Type: Partner looking for project
  • Organisation: The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design
  • Country: United Kingdom (UK)

Research area

  • Call topics:
    • Cultural Transformations in the Digital Age
    • Digitalisation and Social Transformation
  • Keywords:

    design thinking; user experience; human-centred; diversity & inclusion; insights to innovation

  • Brief description of your expertise / expertise you are looking for:

    The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (HHCD) at London\'s Royal College of Art is a globally recognised Centre of excellence with a 30-year history of pioneering Inclusive Design, Design Thinking and Creative Leadership to improve people’s lives. To date, the Centre has worked with over 200 clients from business, government and the voluntary sector and has a track record of nearly 300 projects that bring people-centred innovation to products, services, technologies and experiences. The Royal College of Art (RCA) is the world’s leading university for art and design for the seventh consecutive year (2021 QS Rankings). Our strengths lie in the use of design thinking and research, innovative processes, methods and frameworks to understand stakeholder, customer and end-user needs, personal meaning and aspirations, thereby inspiring solutions that have human-centred, systemic and practical applications. We believe that our people-centred approach is imperative for responding and thriving in a 4IR digital world to ensure that products, services, policies and governance are created, implemented and continually innovated, first and foremost from a people-centric, values-based perspective.

  • Brief description of your project / the project you would like to join:

    We have four research and innovation labs: Age & Diversity, Healthcare, and Inclusive Design for Business and Social Impact. We are interested in partnering on interdisciplinary projects across the two CHANSE main themes that would benefit from real-world evidence of lived experience and human engagement, particularly under the subthemes of ‘Identity, values and worldviews’ and ‘New stories, new aesthetics: Remaining human’. We are particularly interested in partnering on the following questions and themes related to them: - Internet of Things and Behaviours (IoT and IoB) What does humanising technology mean? How can we achieve this in ways that are inclusive for both, current and future generations? - Digital identity on questions around values, sovereignty, ethics and governance How do we include, enable and empower people as equal stakeholders in the development of technology guidelines, regulations and standards that deal with the collection, use, dissemination and commercialisation of personal data? How do organisations and corporates that depend on digital identity as part of their day-to-day operations, ensure that human dignity, personal agency and co-ownership of data go beyond the current governance and compliance standards, thereby creating a real-world experience of equality, diversity and inclusion? - Economic and societal impact of digitalisation How can we co-create technologies to ensure and enhance economic, societal and cultural post-pandemic recovery beginning with those areas and industry sectors most affected in Europe?

Contact details

Dr Ninela Ivanova

Submitted on 2021-04-22 11:27:21

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