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General Information

  • Type: Partner looking for project
  • Organisation: Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz-Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji
  • Country: Poland (PL)

Research area

  • Call topics:
    • Cultural Transformations in the Digital Age
    • Digitalisation and Social Transformation
  • Keywords:

    innovation education research competence

  • Brief description of your expertise / expertise you are looking for:

    Łukasiewicz Research Network – The Institute for Sustainable Technologies is a state-owned research and development institution conducting basic and applied research as well as implementation in the field of advanced technologies related to machines manufacturing and maintenance, materials engineering, environmental protection and lifelong learning studies. The Institute’s scope of activity comprises the modelling of processes and structures of knowledge transformation and technology transfer into economy, as well as scientific research in the area vocational education and training. It takes part in the development of a model of a continuing education framework and designs educational standards, vocational qualifications, curricula for education, development of formal, non-formal and informal learning, as well as flexible teaching learning technologies. It conducts evaluation and comparative research, carries out research on bases of vocational education theory and methodology, including: work contents analysis, comparative studies of educational systems. On the basis of a theoretical analysis of vocational education the Institute carries out work concerning optimisation and modernisation of education, supports scientific-methodical innovations and pedagogical experiments, designs curricular bases and modular curricula.

  • Brief description of your project / the project you would like to join:

    The Institute has a huge experience in designing of theoretical basis for modular education, innovative programmes, educational technologies, guidelines for vocational education, teaching materials that are based on research of both the work environment and new vocational qualification standards for vocational (including initial) education and vocational development. Other activities concerns technology transfer mechanisms and structures, intellectual capital development, innovation management and marketing and forecasting of future research directions.

Contact details

Katarzyna Sławińska

Submitted on 2021-03-01 10:35:48

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