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This is a match-making section for HERA Public Spaces call applicants. It gives applicants the opportunity to express interest either in joining a research proposal (please select: Partners looking for projects) or to search for partner(s) for an existing proposal (please select: Projects looking for partners). In order to use this tool, please fill in the details below.

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Latest partners

  1. Universitat de Girona from ES read more »
    Submitted: September 22nd, 14:15
  2. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle from FR read more »
    Submitted: September 21st, 14:53
  3. The Cultural landscape Research Goup, Madrid School of Architecture from ES read more »
    Submitted: September 21st, 09:53

Latest projects

  1. University College Cork from IE read more »
    Whose Music To Our Ears? Women Musicians\' Access to Public Space
    Submitted: September 20th, 10:08
  2. Manchester Metropolitan University from UK read more »
    Who Do You Think You Arte?
    Submitted: September 20th, 10:08
  3. Université Paris Descartes, SHS-Sorbonne from FR read more »
    Towards a European public space or towards a European disintegration?
    Submitted: September 20th, 10:07
  4. University of Limerick from IE read more »
    What role do urban parks play as agents of cultural integration within a European context?
    Submitted: September 20th, 10:07
  5. The University of Edinburgh from UK read more »
    Troubled Spaces in European Cities: The University as an Object of Cultural Change
    Submitted: September 7th, 12:18


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