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This is a match-making section for POLONEZ 3 applicants, created in order to establish new cooperation between potential incoming researchers and host institutions in Poland and can lead to submission of an application within POLONEZ 3 call for proposals. In order to use this tool, please fill in the details below.

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If you register as a host institution you can either select its name from the list below (names of host institutions have been provided in Polish only) or if the name is not included in the database please chose "other" and then enter the name of the host institution.

Please note that the Review Panel must be chosen from within the Panels included in the Research Domain selected above (e.g. if you have chosen the HS Research Domain, as a Review Panel you must choose HS1, HS2, HS3, etc.). Also, Auxiliary Review Panel 1 must be chosen from within the Auxiliary Review Panels included the Review Panel indicated above. Auxiliary Review Panels 2 and 3 may be chosen from among all Research Domains HS, NZ or ST. To see a list of all NCN panels and auxiliary review panels please see NCN Panels

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Latest partners

  1. PhD Nataliya Stasyuk, researcher from UA read more »
    Review Panel: ST4, auxiliary review panels: ST4_1, ST4_13
    Submitted: December 12th, 12:41
  2. Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, host from PL read more »
    Review Panel: ST4, auxiliary review panels: ST4_13, ST4_2
    Submitted: December 12th, 12:40
  3. Ph.D. Alessandro Roncaglia, researcher from IT read more »
    Review Panel: HS3, auxiliary review panels: HS3_1, HS1_2, HS1_3
    Submitted: December 7th, 10:35
  4. PhD in Philosophy Sanna Hirvonen, researcher from UK read more »
    Review Panel: HS1, auxiliary review panels: HS1_2, HS1_6
    Submitted: December 7th, 10:35
  5. Uniwersytet Rzeszowski, host from PL read more »
    Review Panel: ST4, auxiliary review panels: ST4_13
    Submitted: December 7th, 10:34


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