Mon, 11/25/2013 - 13:22

Nearly PLN 340 million will be granted to researchers who successfully applied for the National Science Centre’s three recently concluded funding opportunities. In the fifth call for proposals of the OPUS, PRELUDIUM and SONATA funding schemes, more than a thousand research projects in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, and Life Sciences will receive NCN funding.

In total more than 4.5 thousand proposals were submitted; of that number, more than one thousand have been awarded financing. Immensely popular among applicants was the OPUS scheme, addressed to all researchers, irrespective of age, degree or academic title, or the advancement of their academic career. The 523 projects awarded under this scheme will receive funding worth almost PLN 250 million.

In the PRELUDIUM funding opportunity financing has been awarded to 388 projects, worth nearly PLN 40 million. Applicants were recruited from among individuals beginning their careers in research, without a doctoral degree. Most proposals in this category come from doctoral students.

Almost PLN 54 million has been made available for the funding of 167 projects selected in the SONATA funding opportunity. SONATA welcomes applications from researchers who have held a doctoral degree for a period no longer than 5 years.

“The highest success rate – amounting to 26 per cent – was in Physical Sciences and Engineering which means that every fourth researcher that applied will be able to carry out their research projects thanks to NCN resources. That said,  success rates in Life Sciences as well as Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences were also high and amounted to 23 per cent in both respectively,” said professor Andrzej Jajszczyk, director of the NCN.

Total financing per domain equalled PLN 63 million in the Humanities, 135 million in Life Sciences and approached 142 million in Physical Sciences and Engineering.The highest financing in the domain of Physical Sciences (over PLN 1.8 million) was awarded to the team headed by dr hab. Maciej Sawicki of the Institute of Physics, the Polish Academy of Sciences. In the Life Sciences unit, a record-high grant was conferred to the research led by dr hab. Maciej Siedlar from the Medical College, Jagiellonian University. The research project will receive PLN 1.5 million. In the domain of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the largest sum was granted to the project led by dr hab. Joanna Błaszczak of the University of Wrocław. More than PLN 1 million has been earmarked for research in the project. All three winning projects were awarded funding under the OPUS funding scheme.

The complete list of the laureates in all three areas of study can be found at: