Tue, 03/17/2015 - 13:13

The National Science Centre has published its OPUS 9, PRELUDIUM 9 and SONATA 9 calls for projects in basic research. Funds allocated exceed € 63 million.

The calls for proposals, whose new edition has just been published, are the most popular ones among programmes operated by the NCN. This is primarily due to their comprehensive profile and relatively high budget. They are published twice a year.

OPUS is a call addressed to all researchers. There are no preliminary conditions with regard to required years of experience, academic degree or the composition of the research team. The sum allocated for research projects is approaching € 48.5 million.

PRELUDIUM is intended for individuals who make their first steps in the scientific milieu and do not hold a PhD (or equivalent). The National Science Centre will distribute € 7.3 million among successful applicants.

SONATA is a call extended to researchers who have held a doctoral degree for no longer than 5 years. Its goal is to support Principal Investigators who do research using innovative equipment or methodology. The sum of funding available in SONATA equals that in PRELUDIUM.