Tue, 03/16/2021 - 11:29

We are pleased to announce the 20th edition of the PRELUDIUM call for researchers without a PhD degree and the 21st edition of the OPUS call for researchers at any stage of their research career. The total budget for the two flagship NCN calls equals 430 million PLN.

OPUS 21 is addressed at researchers who wish to carry out a basic research project, at any stage of their research career. It is open to applicants without a scientific degree and seasoned researchers alike. A prerequisite, however, is that the principal investigator must have at least one paper published or accepted for publication, or at least one artistic achievement or achievement in art research in the research track record. Research projects may be carried out over a period of 12, 24, 36 or 48 months, and use large international research infrastructure or rely on collaboration with partners from foreign research institutions. Importantly, the terms of the OPUS call do not specify the total maximum budget of the project, and as much as 400 million PLN in funding is up for grabs in OPUS 21.

An important change in this edition is the newly-added possibility of hiring one person as a senior researcher, a full-time position co-funded by the host institution. To qualify for the job, applicants must have earned their PhD degree at least 7 years before the application date, have completed at least one foreign post-doctoral fellowship and must demonstrate specialist knowledge, unique skills and the experience necessary to carry out the research tasks entailed by the project.

Another call we have just announced is PRELUDIUM 20, targeted at researchers who have not yet earned a PhD degree. The proposals must be devoted to basic research and the research team may be made up of a maximum of three members, including the principal investigator and the mentor. Researchers are eligible to receive 70,000 PLN for 12-month projects, 140,000 PLN for 24-month projects, and 210,000 for 36-month projects. The cost of equipment, devices and software to be purchased or produced under the project may not exceed 30% of the grant. The total budget of PRELUDIUM 20 is 30 million PLN.

Proposals under the PRELUDIUM 20 and OPUS 21 calls may be submitted until 15 June 2021 in electronic form, via the OSF system.