Tue, 05/04/2021 - 12:44

The National Science Centre announces the MINIATURA 5 call for proposals for the implementation of single research activities to develop future research projects. The total budget earmarked for the call is PLN 15 million.

Under the MINIATURE 5 call for proposals, you can apply for funding to carry out preliminary or pilot studies, library and archive searches, fellowships, research visits or consultations. The basic aim of the call is to financially support research activities aimed at developing a future research project planned for submission to NCN calls or other national or international calls.

The call for proposals is open to holders of a doctoral degree awarded not earlier than 1 January 2009, who have at least one published work or at least one artistic achievement or achievement in research in art. A researcher applying for a grant cannot be an applicant or principal investigator in a proposal submitted to NCN, or a principal investigator in an ongoing or completed research project that is or was funded by NCN, or be a winner of calls for doctoral scholarships or fellowships organized by NCN. The call proposal must be submitted by the entity where the researcher is employed. Research activities may be planned for a period of up to 12 months and the amount of funding must range from PLN 5 thousand to PLN 50 thousand.

The MINIATURA 5 call for proposals is be carried out on an ongoing basis and proposals may be submitted via the ZSUN/OSF submission system between 5 May (9:00) and 30 September this year until 16:00. The call for proposals may be suspended if the total amount of requested funding has exceeded twice the amount of funding allocated by the NCN Council for research activities under this edition of the call.

Funding in the MINIATURA 5 call for proposals is divided proportionally to the number of months in which the call for proposals is carried out. One of the conditions for funding a proposal in the call is that the proposal must be within the pool of available funds for the month. Due to the large number of proposals submitted in the last month of the call in previous editions of the MINIATURA call for proposals, we draw your attention to the possibility of applying in the remaining months of the call.

The detailed information can be found in the MINIATURA 5 call announcement.