Tue, 05/04/2021 - 13:51

The National Science Centre has announced the results of the second edition of the DAINA funding opportunity for research projects carried out by Polish-Lithuanian research teams. Researchers will be awarded almost 11.7 million PLN for their basic research projects.

133 proposals amounting to a total of over 113 million PLN were submitted in response to the DAINA 2 call. The largest number of these – 56 proposals – were submitted in the area of Physical Sciences and Engineering, with 41 in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and 36 in Life Sciences. 11 research projects totalling 11,691,311 PLN were recommended for funding. The winning applicants in the area of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will study, inter alia, mobility, migration and the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of emergency management in Poland and Lithuania. Researchers in Life Sciences will examine, inter alia, the manipulation of drug resistance in cancer cells by asymmetrical nanosecond pulse sequences. Projects in Physical Sciences and Engineering that are on the ranking lists include, inter alia, studies on the importance of long-range transport biomass burning emissions for local smog in the urban environment.

Polish-Lithuanian research teams performing research in all academic disciplines covered by the NCN review panels were allowed to apply for funding under DAINA 2. Projects had to be planned for either 24 or 36 months and principal investigators were required to be at least PhD holders. The requested funding for the entire duration of the Polish part of the project had to be no less than 150,000 PLN and the budget funds could be spent on salaries for members of the research team, scholarships for students and PhD students, purchase or construction of research equipment and other costs crucial to the research project.

The DAINA call is launched by the National Science Centre in cooperation with the Research Council of Lithuania (Lietuvos mokslo taryba, “LMT” or “RCL”) pursuant to the agreement executed on 16 November 2016. The first call was held in 2017 and attracted a lot of attention among scientists. The funds that were awarded allowed 16 joint Polish-Lithuanian research projects to be completed. The DAINA call supports the development of Polish-Lithuanian research cooperation and allows the position of Polish and Lithuanian science to be strengthened internationally. 

The ranking lists under DAINA 2 are available here.

We also wish to announce that the letters with decisions on the proposals recommended for funding and rejected under DAINA 2 will be sent out today. Let us remind you that the decisions of the NCN Director are delivered to applicants in electronic form to the electronic address indicated in the proposal.

If the applicant is an entity mentioned in Article 27 (1)-(7) and (9) of the Act on the National Science Centre, the decision are delivered only to the Electronic Inbox (ESP ePUAP) address indicated in the proposal.

The funding decisions of the NCN Director are also provided to the principal investigator.

Should you not receive the decision, please verify that the address (ESP, ePUAP, e-mail) you provided is correct. If not, please contact the person in charge of the proposal specified in the ZSUN/OSF system.