Wed, 06/15/2022 - 16:57
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The NCN has just launched this year’s MAESTRO and SONATA BIS calls, under which researchers can submit proposals for pioneering basic research projects and projects aimed at forming new research teams. A total of 140 million PLN is up for grabs.

MAESTRO 14 is open to advanced researchers who wish to conduct pioneering research that goes beyond our current state of knowledge. To qualify as a principal investigator in a MAESTRO project, applicants need to hold at least a PhD.

Announcement of the MAESTRO 14 call for proposals

SONATA BIS 12 provides funding for projects aimed at establishing new research teams. It is targeted at researchers with a doctoral degree earned 5 to 12 years prior to the submission of the proposal.

Announcement of the SONATA BIS 12 call for proposals