Wed, 02/01/2023 - 13:39
Kod CSS i JS

We are pleased to announce the MINIATURA 7 call for single research activities, such as preliminary/pilot studies, library and archive searches, fellowships, research visits and/ or consultations with a budget of 20,000,000 PLN.

The main objective of the call is to finance research activities for the purposes of future research projects submitted to NCN calls for proposals as well as other national and international calls. The call for a single research activity carried out over a period of up to 12 months will have a budget of 5,000 PLN and 50,000 PLN. Funds can be requested by researchers who have been conferred their PhD degree after 1 January 2011 and whose scientific achievements include at least one paper published or at least one artistic achievement or achievement in research in art.

A researcher designated to carry out a research activity must be employed by the applicant pursuant to an employment contract on the proposal submission date and must not be a principal investigator in a project funded by the National Science Centre or winning applicant of a call for fellowships (including FUGA and UWERTURA) or ETIUDA, and must not have requested funding under another NCN call as an applicant, principal investigator or fellowship candidate.

As of this edition of the MINIATURA call, proposals may be submitted in either Polish or English. A researcher may submit only one proposal and may only carry out one research under a call for proposals in the course of their research career.

Evaluation of proposals and results

Proposals are submitted electronically via the OSF submission system pursuant to the proposal submission procedure. Proposals are submitted according to the terms laid down in the Guidelines for MINIATURA 7 Proposal Completion.

The call for proposals will be open between 1 February 2023 and 31 July 2023, 4 p.m.

It may be suspended if the total amount of requested funds exceeds twice the value of funds allocated by the NCN Council for the research activities to be carried out under the call.

Funds for research activities carried out under the MINIATURA 7 call are divided proportionally to the number of months of the call for proposals. Funding is awarded in so far as (inter alia) the proposal is within the pool of funds available for a given month. In the previous MINIATURA call for proposals, a large number of proposals was submitted in the last month. Please remember that you can also apply in the other months of the call.

The first MINIATURA call was launched on 15 December 2016 and had 6 editions by the end of 2022. So far, 13,995 proposals have been submitted to the MINIATURA calls, of which 3,859 received funding.

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