List of Polish Institutions - Dioscuri Centres of Scientific Excellence – fourth call

List of Polish Scientific Institutions that declared their willingness to host a Dioscuri Centre within the fourth call for Dioscuri Centres of Scientific Excellence.

The applicant can choose a Polish Scientific Institution other than listed below, provided that this Institution fulfils the requirements defined in section 3 of the Call announcement and subscribes to the declaration appended as attachment 2.

To see the list of Institutions please select scientific discipline below.

Scientific Discipline:


No. Institution name
1Uniwersytet RzeszowskiRegistration form
2Uniwersytet WrocławskiRegistration form
3Uniwersytet WrocławskiRegistration form
4Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we WroclawiuRegistration form
5Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we WroclawiuRegistration form
6Uniwesytet Przyrodniczy we WroclawiuRegistration form
7Instytut Katalizy i Fizykochemii Powierzchni PAN im. Jerzego HaberaRegistration form
8Uniwersytet JagiellonskiRegistration form
9Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
10Uniwersytet SlaskiRegistration form
11Uniwersytet SlaskiRegistration form
12Uniwersytet SlaskiRegistration form
13Uniwersytet JagiellonskiRegistration form
14Uniwersytet JagiellonskiRegistration form
15Lukasiewicz PORTRegistration form
16Lukasiewicz PORTRegistration form
17Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
18Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
19Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
20Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
21Uniwersytet Adama mickiewiczaRegistration form
22Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
23Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
24Instytut Matematyczny PANRegistration form
25Uniwersytet LodzkiRegistration form
26Uniwersytet Medyczny w BialymstokuRegistration form
27Instytut genetyki i biotechnologii Zwierzat PANRegistration form
28Instytut Biochemii i Biofizyki PANRegistration form
29Uniwersytet Adama MickiewiczaRegistration form
30Uniwersytet WarszawskiRegistration form
31Uniwersytet WarszawskiRegistration form

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