HARMONIA is a funding opportunity designed for researchers wanting to carry out research in the following forms:

  • in cooperation with foreign partners,
  • within the framework of international programmes or initiatives announced under bi- or multilateral cooperation,
  • utilising large-scale international research infrastructure.

Duration: 12, 24, 36 months


  • up to PLN 500 000 (ca. 119 000 EUR) for projects lasting 12 months,
  • up to PLN 1 M (ca. 238 000 EUR) for projects lasting 24 months,
  • up to PLN 1.5 M (ca. 357 000 EUR) for projects lasting 36 months.

Researchers may apply for funding of costs relevant necessary and directly connected to the proposed research, including:

  • Personnel
  • Materials
  • Travel and subsistence costs
  • Outsourcing
  • Other: publication costs, collective investigators, devices and software, etc.
  • Overheads: up to 40%

Applicants cannot seek funding for research equipment.

Tasks undertaken by international project partners must be financed by organisations funding research in the country of their residence or from other sources.

Evaluation criteria:

  • proposals from within NCN Panels, involving basic research,
  • scientific excellence and the innovative nature of the research project,
  • the research portfolio of the Principal Investigator and his or her international partner,
  • added value through international cooperation,
  • impact on the development of the research discipline,
  • justification of the planned costs.

Evaluation procedure:  2-step merit-based evaluation by peer review panels and external reviewers

Application: short project description must be written in Polish, full project description must be provided in English

Call timeline



Tel: 0048 12 341 9000