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CHANSE (Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe) is one of two international ERA-NET programmes coordinated by the NCN. It brings together 27 research-funding agencies and non-academic institutions from 24 different countries with a common goal of responding to the social and cultural challenges of our time. In 2021, the CHANSE network announced a new call, entitled “Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age” and awarded funding to 26 projects, 12 of which include Polish research teams..

The selected research consortia focus on studying the impact of digitisation on important aspects of our life, such as public health, work safety, media and religious practices. To learn more about successful projects and the call as such, read the CHANSE Project Catalogue online.


Selected pages from the catalogue


Projects selected under the CHANSE call are funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 programme, as well as by agencies that make up the CHANSE consortium. The NCN funds the work of Polish teams.

The next CHANSE call in the humanities and social sciences will be announced in April/May this year.