Wed, 04/06/2022 - 13:42
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CHIST-ERA invites researchers interested in the field of Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies to the CHIST-ERA Conference 2022, which will take place on May 24-26, 2022 in Edinburgh (UK).

In preparation for the Call 2022 of CHIST-ERA, to be open in the fall of 2022, the research funding organisations of CHIST-ERA invite interested scientists at the CHIST-ERA Conference 2022 to participate in the definition of the two topics of the call:

  • Security and Privacy and Decentralised and Distributed Systems (SPiDDS);
  • Machine Learning-based Communication Systems, towards Wireless AI (WAI).

Participation in the conference is free, however travel and accommodation costs have to be covered by the participant. Online participation will also be provided.

Please find more details on the CHIST-ERA website: