Tue, 08/09/2022 - 12:02
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The first winning project selected from among proposals submitted in 2022 under the Weave-UNISONO call will be carried out by a group of researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology in collaboration with the Austrian partners. The NCN will allocate 416,000 PLN to fund their research. 

The winning project in mathematics (“Boolean Methods, Expectations, Resolvents, Free Probability”) will be carried out by Polish researchers lead by Kamil Szpojankowski in collaboration with Franz Lehner’s team from the Graz University of Technology. 


Weave-UNISONO is a call launched within the framework of a multilateral cooperation between research-funding institutions that make up the Science Europe association. It was launched to simplify submission and selection procedures for proposals in all disciplines of science, which bring together researchers from two or three different European countries.

The selection process is based on the Lead Agency Procedure (LAP), under which only one partner institution is responsible for the merit-based revaluation of submitted proposals; the other partners agree to accept its results.

Under Weave, cooperating research teams submit their research proposals in parallel: to the lead agency and to the relevant domestic institutions participating in the programme. Their joint proposal must include a coherent research plan that clearly spells out the added value of international cooperation.

The Weave-UNISONO call accepts proposals on a rolling basis. Polish teams wishing to partner up with colleagues from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium-Flanders are encouraged to carefully read the call announcement and submit their funding proposals.