Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS)

The Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) is a research funding agency that promotes and supports basic scientific research in the French-speaking Community of Belgium. Founded in 1928, it mainly receives public subsidies, currently from the French-speaking Community of Belgium, the Walloon Region and the Federal Government of Belgium. The Fund supports individual researchers on the basis of the criterion of excellence by offering temporary or permanent positions; funding to research teams; grants and credits for international collaboration and scientific prizes. FNRS fosters research in all scientific fields, following a bottom-up approach of investigator-driven research. Further, the Fund supports researchers in an ever growing context of internationalisation through facilitating their mobility, allowing for collaborative transnational projects and supporting a high level international working environment. It also hosts several national contact points (NCP) for the Excellent Science Pillar within HORIZON2020.  Since October 2008, Dr. Ir. Véronique Halloin is the Secretary-General of FNRS.

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Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)

The Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) is the agency that supports ground-breaking fundamental research and strategic basic research within Flanders. The FWO also stimulates cooperation between the Flemish universities and other research institutes.