General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs

The General Secretariat for Research and Technology (G.S.R.T.) is the main policy maker and programme owner concerning the R&D system in Greece and employs about 120 well qualified staff. G.S.R.T.’s policy is implemented through operational programmes. G.S.R.T. supports the research activities of both the country's scientific research institutes and those of its productive industry, focussing on areas that are important for the national economy and for the improvement of the quality of life; it contributes to the reinforcement of the country’s research manpower; it represents Greece in relevant institutions of the European Union, thus bringing the country's research and technology activities into line with the requirements of the international community; it promotes bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other countries and international organisations; it supervises 11 research and technological centres; it encourages activities aimed at raising awareness about research and technology issues. G.S.R.T. has been involved in 40 EU programmes (ERANETS, ERANET PLUS, INCO-NET, OMC-NET type of projects) and has a considerable experience being a full partner in geographic and thematic ERA-NETs. In this context, it has contributed in the design and implementation of Joint Calls and has funded 54 joint projects in the frame of 19 joint calls of the abovementioned programmes with an approximate amount of 7M€. GSRT has recently participated in 9 new Joint Calls under ERANET RUS PLUS, E-RARE, TRANSCAN, EURONANOMED, ERANETMED and COFASP with an approximate amount of 4500M€. GSRT will fund the projects by the new operational programme 2014-2020.

Contact Person: Maria Koutrokoi, e-mail: mkoutr@gsrt