National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDI)

The National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDI Office) was founded on 1 January 2015 by the Act “about scientific research, development and innovation” (Act2014/LXXVI) of the Hungarian Parliament (RDI law) with the aim to create a stable institutional framework for the governmental coordination of the national research, development and innovation ecosystem, provide predictable funding and implement efficient and transparent use of available resources.

The NRDI Office of Hungary is a national strategic and funding agency for scientific research, development and innovation, the primary source of advice on RDI policy for the Hungarian Government, and the primary RDI funding agency. The NRDI Office manages the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund (NRDI Fund) “to provide state support for research, development and innovation.

Mission:To develop RDI policy and ensure that Hungary adequately invest in RDI by funding excellent research and supporting innovation to increase competitiveness.

Mandate: To prepare the RDI strategy of the Hungarian Government, to handle the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, and represent the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian RDI community in international organisations.

Vision: To be a world-class RDI funding agency, create an internationally attractive RDI environment in Hungary, and a stronger link of RDI to the economy and society to increase growth and prosperity.

Contact Person: Edina Nemeth, e-mail: