MATIMOP The Israel Industry Center for R&D (Matimop-ISERD)

ISERD was established to implement the RTD cooperation between the EU and Israel. This cooperation is based on a formal association agreement. ISERD plays a vital role in future policy and collaborative efforts concerning RTD programs between the EU and Israel, ISERD coordinates the activities of Israel’s delegates to the various programme committees managing H2020. ISERD records, conducts follow-up efforts and reports on the Israeli participation in the EU RTD programs to Israel’s policy-making bodies and government institutions. ISERD representatives have also been operating as the Israeli National Contact Points since the 4th Framework Program.

ISERD actively disseminates information, enhances industrial cooperation, promotes partnership searches and provides advice and guidance to Israel’s RTD community in industry and research institutions. ISERD organizes events such as seminars, conferences and info days, and publishes information on the web via newsletters and articles in specialized magazines.

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