Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)

The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), a governmental research organization, is the recognized leading research and scientific institution in Slovakia. The self-governing scientific institution of the Slovak Republic activities of which are in accordance with the Act No.133/2002 on the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) focused on the development of science, education, culture, economy and carried out by scientists and specialized and service organizations. By its reasearch, the SAS is developing efforts to advance knowledge in international context considering the social needs of Slovakia. SAS has an expertise concerning ERA.NETs projects not only in the field of nano materials and Nano science and nanotechnology (NanoSci-ERA.NET 2005-2010, NanoSci-EPlus since 2008, MNT ERA.NET 2005-2008, MNT ERA.NET II since 20208, M-ERA.NET) but also in ERA.NETs in other scientific fields including Horizon 2020 ( TRANSCAN II, EraCoSysMed, etc.)

The participation of SAS in the abovementioned ERA-Nets projects have been based on the official mandate of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for the SAS to act as RD programme owner and manager. Selection procedures for the applications have been established and approved by the SAS Presidium.

Contact Person: Jan Barancik, e-mail: