Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MIZS)

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (Ministrstvo za izobrazevanje, znanost in sport - MIZS) is responsible for regulating all levels of education (from pre-school to higher education), as well as fields of science and sport. The Science Division as part of the Science Directorate defines the expert bases for the adoption of political documents in the field of research policy. It drafts laws and implements regulations on research activities. It establishes and enhances the system of comprehensive analyses and monitoring of the developments in research, develops new tools for attaining research policy goals, and plans the required financial resources for research.

When it comes to transnational activity, MIZS hosts the National Contact Points (NCP) network for H2020, offering advice and raising awareness concerning cooperation from Slovenian research community. The ministry representatives sit in the EC Programming Committees. MIZS also participated in some Joint Program Initiatives (JPIs).

Contact Person: Andrej Ograjenšek, e-mail: