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  • We have just announced the results of the OPUS 20 call for OPUS LAP projects to be carried out in cooperation with research teams from Germany. The funding was awarded to 30 projects with a total budget of more than 41.2 billion PLN and with topics… czytaj dalej
  • The JPND network – Joint Programming Initiative in Neurodegenerative Diseases – has awarded funding to 14 new research projects covering the call topic on Linking pre-diagnosis disturbances of physiological systems to Neurodegenerative Diseases. The… czytaj dalej
  • Who can apply for the POLONEZ BIS fellowship? Is there any conflict in applying for POLONEZ BIS and other funding programmes at the same time? Can the NCN provide help in finding a host institution? We will answer these and many other questions during… czytaj dalej
  • The CHIST-ERA Call 2021, to be published by the end of October or beginning of November 2021, will target research in the following topics: Nano-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (NOEMS) for ICT, Foundations for Misbehaviour Detection and Mitigation… czytaj dalej
  • Various norms define our social behaviour and determine the way in which we are expected to act in any given situation. The rules that govern the behaviour of men and women have differed widely since times immemorial, and even though nowadays such… czytaj dalej
  • Before long, 130 more researchers from research centres throughout Poland will embark on their preliminary research, pilot studies, library research, research fellowships and study trips thanks to the funding awarded by the NCN under the MINIATURA 5… czytaj dalej
  • In the last decade, new challenges have come up in medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and materials processing, which require the use of high-class specialized equipment. Scientists who do research in medicine or work with a variety of… czytaj dalej
  • The climate of our planet is constantly evolving. In the context of the recent acceleration of climate change, it is particularly important to understand the factors that affect it, and in order to do so, scientists are studying surface karst structures… czytaj dalej
  • The Forest Value network has awarded funding to 8 new research projects covering the following call topics: 1. Sustainable and multifunctional use and management of forests, to maximize their contribution to all SDGs; 2. Building with wood from various… czytaj dalej
  • “Even though we are now living in an era of digital reality and conquering of outer space, research into the human past is still needed and important. This award confirms me in my belief that my work matters and has an audience”, says Dr Paweł L.… czytaj dalej
  • On 6 October 2021 Prof. Jakub Growiec, Prof. Wojciech Fendler and Dr hab. Michał Tomza will receive the 2020 NCN Award and the of the 2021 NCN Award will be announced.   The Award of the National Science Centre is a distinction for young researchers,… czytaj dalej
  • “NCN gave me support and a credit of confidence. If they had not believed in me three years ago, I would not have won the ERC grant”, emphasises Dr hab Valentina Lepri in a reportage on NCN's 10th anniversary celebrations. Over the decade of the National… czytaj dalej
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