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Maciej Behnke - portrait photo
The role of emotion in sports: the case of esports
Dr Monika Kujawska - portrait photo
Local knowledge of the use of medicinal and edible plants in South America
Prof. Dr hab. Jacek Jemielity - portrait photo
mRNA 5′ end methylation status: towards a better understanding of the biological role and identification of synthetic mimics
Prof. Ewa Ziemann at work
The effect of whole-body cryostimulation on insulin sensitivity in overweight patients
Dr hab. Michał Krawczyk - portrait photo
Fear of a pandemic. Mistakes in perception and risk-taking in the coronavirus era
Dr Monika Gosecka at work
Hydrogels in gynaecological treatment
Dr hab. Łukasz Gruszczyński - portrait photo
The crisis of the multilateral trade system: gradual disintegration or natural evolution?
Dr inż. Sebastian Wachowski - portrait photo
New ceramic materials for fuel cell electrodes
Prof. Magdalena Rucka - portrait photo
Studying the formation of micro- and macrocracks in concrete with the use of elastic waves
 Prof. Wiesław I. Grudzecki - portrait photo
Molecular mechanisms of the regulation of the photosynthetic antenna system in plants
 Prof. Dominika Nowis - portrait photo
Impact of erythroid progenitor cells on the course of cancer disease
Dr hab. Anna G. Piotrowska - portrait photo
Beyond stereotypes: cultural exchanges and the Romani contribution to European public spaces
 mgr inż. Michał Bełcik - portrait photo
Landscape of sound, or on communication in amphibians
Dr hab. Błażej Błażejowski - portrait photo
Life in a Late Jurassic sea and its coastline
Michał Bogdziewicz portrait photo.
The role of resource dynamics in the reproduction of masting plants
Dr hab. Ewelina Knapska - portrait photo
Wide-eyed with fear, or how we learn to be afraid through observation
Dr Michał Choiński - portrait photo
Hyperbole in the writings of American Southern authors
Dr Łukasz Bola - portrait photo
The visual cortex in congenitally blind individuals
dr Paweł Gołyźniak during work
Engraved Gems and Propaganda in the Roman Republic and under Augustus
zdjęcie z projektu pana prof. Kazimierza Rzążewskiego
Thermal phenomena in cold atomic gases
zdjęcie z projektu pani Aleksandry Ziembińskiej-Buczyńskiej
Anammox bacteria will facilitate waste treatment and reduce the greenhouse effect
zdjęcie z projektu Piotra Weckwertha
Finding evidence of extreme glacial phenomena
zdjęcie z projektu Michała Słowińskiego
Dangerous consequences of catastrophic deforestations
zdjęcie z projektu Tomasza Ciesielskiego
Cognitive processes in the aesthetic experience of dance
zdjęcie z projektu dr Dagmara H. Werra
Investigation the Sources and Uses of Obsidian During the Neolithic in Poland
zdjęcie z projektu dr inż. Katarzyna Komar
Two photon vision - study of mechanism, characteristics and applications
zdjęcie z projektu dr Katarzyna Grzelak
How are the little ones coping - Arctic meiofauna in the face of climate change
zdjęcie z projektu dr Agnieszka Dauksza
Affects in Modern Literature and Art
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Antonina Mazur
The role of gelsolin and its complexes with LamR and ILK in adhesion to laminin and migration/invasion of normal and tumor cells
zdjęcie z projektu dr Halina Waś
A step towards more effective chemotherapy
zdjęcie z projektu dr inż. Magdaleny Zdanowicz
Deep eutectic mixtures as new "green" plasticizers and solvents for starch "zielone" plastyfikatory i rozpuszczalniki skrobi
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. inż. Dawid Janas
The wonderland of carbon nanomaterials
zdjęcie z projektu mgr Marcin Brodecki
Assessment of eye lens exposure to X-ray radiation in medical staff
zdjęcie z projektu dr Justyna Smolarek-Łach
Ireviken event in the Polish Lowland
zdjęcie z projektu dr Leszek Pryszcz
Deciphering the role of RNA editing in zebrafish development
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Andrzej Miśkiewicz
Recognition of environmental sounds by musicians and non-musicians
zdjęcie z projektu dr Emilia Kłoda
Johann Christoph Liska's forgotten artworks
zdjęcie z projektu dr inż. Michał Malendowski
The fire safety of buildings
zdjęcie z projektu prof. dr hab. inż. Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz
Biomaterials for regenerative medicine
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Monika Szczepaniak
Military masculinity in Polish literature and culture in the context of the Great War
zdjęcie z projektu dr Paweł Karczmarek
Linguistic descriptors in facial recognition
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Mirosław Filiciak
Beginnings of popular culture in Poland from the perspective of transmediality
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Marcin Waligóra
Ethics of biomedical research with children
zdjęcie z projektu prof. dr hab. Daniel Makowiecki
The role of the horses in medieval Poland
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Krzysztof Pyrć
To understand and to combat the Zika virus
Homo ludens in a medieval town: archaeological evidence for play
zdjęcie z projektu dr Rafał Warchulski
Modelling phase transitions and element segregation in slags
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Adam Tofilski
Wing asymmetry of the honey bee as an environmental indicator
zdjęcie z projektu dr inż. Monika Sterczyńska
Innovative brewing technologies
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. inż. Izabella Rajzer
3D printing and electrospinning at the service of tissue engineering
zdjęcie z projektu prof. dr hab. inż. Ryszard Pałka
Next-generation electric engines: a long tradition of innovation
zdjęcie z projektu dr inż. arch. Anna Kulig
Historical techniques of vault building at the service of the art of reconstruction
zdjęcie z projektu prof. dr hab. Marian Paluch
Research on medicinal substances sparingly soluble in water
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Adam Kopciowski
Jewish Press in the Lublin Region
zdjęcie z projektu prof. dr hab. Juliusz Gardawski
Instability of employment in Polish and German realities
zdjęcie z projektu dr inż. Agnieszka Ciurzyńska
Strawberry-flavoured innovation
zdjęcie z projektu dr hab. Barbara Bojko
New analytical solutions in oncology
Parus major oxidative stress and fitness in a gradient of urbanisation
Scaffoldings of peptide blocks
Weird Geometry and Protein Cages or What Connects Viruses and RPGs
I like you and feel the way you feel
Fluent reading, dyslexia and tactile reading
Probing qualities of titanium dioxide in search of renewable sources of energy
ORCHIDOMICS or how to understand orchids
Research of electroluminescent materials for use in optoelectronic devices
The role of mannan-binding lectin in juvenile idiopathic arthritis
The Steppe Bison’s Habitat and Diet in the Late Pleistocene
Where does the odour of broccoli and Brussels sprouts come from
The role of the Common Agriculture Policy in the process of the modernisation of Polish agriculture focusing on the example of milk production
Heterogenous Parallel and Distributed Computing in Java
The Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in the Southwestern Baltic area
Children’s toys on Polish territories until the end of the 19th century
On evolution and ecology in the city
Iconicity in the grammar and lexicon of Polish Sign Language
Can we measure the Universe within 1% accuracy?
Interactions of U6 snRNA within the catalytic centre of the spliceosome
Decoding dyslexia - functional organization of letter-speech sound association in children at risk of developmental dyslexia
Quantum information approach to selected aspects of foundations of physics
Coupling of synthesis and transport for proteins targeted to the mitochondria
How do we understand the past?
Tardigrade or the Arctic’s water bears
An avatar’s perspective – the philosophical and aesthetic possibilities of video games
Identification and analysis of binary star systems in the OGLE project
Influence of individual habitat selection during the colonisation of new areas on genetic population structure
Monitoring of microbial structures in soils contaminated with crude oil derivatives...
Devonian deep-sea environments as a key to understanding global ecosystem perturbations
The Special Economic Zone as a space for realisation of "neoliberal imaginary"
The role of endplate calcification, nutritional vessel occlusion and proteins responsible for the elaboration ...
Software-defined integration of elastic optical networks and cognitive wireless networks in the context of packet services
Astrometry of gravitational microlensing events with the Gaia space mission ...
Studies of charmed decays of beauty mesons
Music migrations in the early modern age: the meeting of the European East, West and South
The Settlement History of Iraqi Kurdistan. The Aqreh-Bardarash Plain
Defining and Identifying Middle Eastern Christian Communities in Europe
The Temple in the Sanskrit Canonical Literature of the Pancaratra Tradition and in the Practice of the South Indian ...
Dialogue with Europe, Dialogue with the Past. Challenges and adaptation strategies of the native nobility ...
Pseudogap in iron-based superconductors
Theological, ethical and legal aspects of pharmacists' conscientious objection
Role of autophagy in chemioresistance of glioblastoma stem-like cells
Precise measurements of rotation and orbital angular momentum in the binary systems of stars, as a test ...
Biomedical Research with Human Subjects. Bioethical Issues
Microscopy in extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray spectral regions
The Importance of Animal Studies for Culture Studies in Poland
Towards quantitative biology via the novel method of mobility measurement in a living cell: the interaction of proteins ...
Psychological and biological sources of risk aversion
Fundamental Properties of Strongly Correlated Systems: Unconventional Superconductivity, Quantum Critical ...
Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict: Colonials, Neutrals and Belligerents during the First World War
GERDA sets new limits on extremely rare decay (search for neutrino-less double beta decay of 76Ge in the GERDA ...
Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort and European Identities 1500-1800