Ewelina Szymańska-Skolimowska

A graduate of the Applied Physics Department of Physics and Mathematics Gdansk University of Technology, where she earned a Master's degree in engineering physics. Master's thesis concerned the spectroscopy of biological molecules: ionization of tetrahydrofuran molecules by electron impact. Her Ph.D. thesis entitled "Dissociative electron attachment and dipolar dissociation processes in organic molecules found in interstellar medium" was defended at the Open University in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

Co-author of many publications in international journals. She has contributed many international conferences. She has participated in the international research projects: Lassie FP7 ITN (Open University) and PAMS PR7 (Jagiellonian University). She was awarded to START 2015 stipend  from  the Foundation  for  Polish  Science. She shows a large experience and involvement in the scientific collaboration with research groups, including the University of Innsbruck, Leiden Observatory, Queen's University Belfast, The Institute for Storage Ring in Aarhus, Canadian Light Source.